Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings at First Presby are traditional yet informal, structured yet open to the Spirit, Bible focused yet non-judgmental.

In some ways we are traditional. We use the pipe organ, sing classic responses like the doxology, keep the old hymns in rotation and center the service around a Bible-based sermon.

In other ways we are contemporary. We sing praise songs and music from our sister churches around the world, incorporate a range of spiritual practices such as silence, prayerful meditation, healing and faith sharing into worship, and sermons incorporate multi-media.

Want to know more? Take the tour or scroll through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

What time does church start?
9:00 am
How long does a service last?
Usually just over an hour.
Where do I park?
There is a parking lot behind the church off Walnut Alley. Or you can park on Park Avenue.
What door do I use?
Most people use the Walnut Alley door, but the Park Avenue door is also open and goes directly into the sanctuary.
What should I wear?
Clothes are good. Most adults dress “nice casual” but jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and shorts are all welcome. If it’s hot out, dress cool. The sanctuary’s not air-conditioned.
Where should I sit?
Wherever you want. If you are overly worried about disturbing someone’s habitual seat, the pews in the middle of the sanctuary tend to be the least populated.
Is the church handicapped accessible?
Yes. The entire building is completely accessible to those with mobility difficulties. Those needing to avoid all steps should use the Walnut Alley entrance. Handicapped parking spaces are located along Walnut Alley and in the South West corner of the parking lot. The handicapped restroom is downstairs, near the elevator.

Copies of Pastor Fritz’s sermons are available in the back for those with hearing difficulties who want to follow along.

What about my children?
Children are enthusiastically welcomed in worship. Babies crying, toddlers exploring, five-year-olds wiggling, elementary-age kids acting precocious, and teenagers questioning are all accepted as part of what it means to be family.
Is my child welcome to stay with me in worship?
Yes. And activity bags are available to help keep him or her occupied. Some of our kids also bring a favorite toy with them to play with in the pew.
What about Sunday School?
We have Sunday school for all ages following worship at 10:15 am.
What kind of music is played during church?
We use all sorts of music, from old hymns and Sunday school songs to contemporary praise songs to world music and repetitive chant.
Do you have a praise band?
At this time, all music is led either by the piano or the organ.
Will I have to stand up for long periods of time?
No. We recognize that standing for long periods of singing can be difficult for some, so we try to limit the length of time we’re standing during worship.
When do you serve communion?
The first Sunday of each month as well as on Maundy Thursday, Easter, Pentecost and Christmas Eve.
Who may take communion
What will I not experience at First Presbyterian?
  • You will not be told that God doesn’t love you or someone close to you because of your/their lifestyle.
  • You will not be told how to think.
  • You will not be told how to vote.