Blind Bartimaeus

Roadside Voices 10/25/15

Roadside Voices October 25, 2015 Rev. Fritz Nelson – First Presbyterian Church, Columbiana Text: Mark 10:46-52  While driving around a few days ago, I found myself listening to a news program I rarely listen to. They were interviewing Vian Dakhil, a member of the Iraqi Parliament who represents the Yazidi

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The Practice of Service – 10/18/15

The Practice of Service October 18, 2015 First Presbyterian Church, Columbiana – Rev. Fritz Nelson Text: Mark 10:35-45 Over the last few weeks we’ve been following Scott Parker as he visits with churches and refugees in the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq. Most of the refugees are moderate Muslims, government

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Camels & Needles – 10/04/15

Of Camels and Needles October 4, 2015 First Presbyterian, Columbiana – Rev. Fritz Nelson Text: Mark 10:17-31   Imagine for a moment that you’re at home, hunkered down to escape the violence that has engulfed your town. Finally, the fighting stops. You hear a knock at the door. Its your

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