Some activities for celebrating Palm Sunday at home.  If you do any of these, take a photo/video and share with either the First Presbyterian, Columbiana Facebook Group or on the First United Presbyterian, East Palestine Facebook Page.  Or email them to pastorfritz  @  We will the incorporate any pictures/video we get by Friday night into Sunday’s online service.

Color a Palm

Download this coloring sheet of a Palm branch.  Color it, cut it out, take a picture of yourself waving the palm.

Mark Your Door

Place a decoration of green branches (or your colored, cut out palm branch) on your door or front of house.  Take a picture and send it in.

Have a Parade

Gather up everyone in your household.  Take either green branches or your colored palm and have a short parade.  Take a video and send it in.

Share a Picture

Ever been somewhere with actual palm trees?  Find the picture and send it in.