When Christianity reached the hills of Scotland it was combined with the ancient religions of the Druids and Celts to produce a unique form of Christianity – highly poetic, heavily Trinitarian, in tune with natural life cycles and imbedded into the every day.  On Thursday, March 17 – as part of our Lenten series on worship and in honor of St. Patrick’s day – First Presbyterian will be hosting a Celtic worship service.

A Celtic prayer:
God guide me with Thy wisdom
God chastise me with Thy justice
God help me with Thy mercy
God protect me with Thy strength.

God fill me with Thy fullness
God shield me with Thy shade
God fill me with Thy grace
For the sake of Thine Anointed Son

Jesu Christ of the seed of David
Visiting One of the Temple
Sacrificial Lamb of the Garden
Who died for me.