Sometimes when we read a story from the actual Bible it doesn’t exactly match what we learned in Sunday School.  While preparing last week’s sermon on Joseph I was surprised to see that Joseph’s famous Coat of Many Colors had turned into a “lonJoseph and His Coat of Many Colors by Suzanne Tornquistg robe with sleeves.” (NRSV)  I then checked a bunch of other translations and got “long robe” (CEB), “ornate robe” (NIV) and “tunic” (OJB).  A little more research followed.  It turns out that nobody knows what the Hebrew word modifying robe actually means.  In the 3rd Century BC, a group of scholars prepared a Greek translation of the Torah known today as the Septuagint.  They didn’t know what the word meant either, so they decided that the coat would be colorful. And that, friends, is how musicals get made.