Some new faces will soon be joining the First Presby family. At its May meeting, the Session approved a mission partnership agreement between First Presby and Characters Out Loud. Under the agreement, First Presby will provide Characters Out Loud with office and program space. In exchange, Characters Out Loud will help lead First Presby in ministry to extremely at risk families.

A brand new organization with large dreams, Characters Out Loud was launched by Darleen and Edie. For the last year or so they’ve been informally partnering with The Way Station to provide counseling and support to homeless families as well as families at risk of homelessness. They incorporated as an independent organization in April. After a period of intense fundraising and volunteer recruitment and training, they hope to expand their homeless outreach and launch a whole-family program for youth at risk.

Pastor Fritz first met Darleen and Edie at the Way Station back in February and was immediately impressed with their sense of ministry, their compassion, their chutzpah and their vision. It didn’t hurt that the areas they were working – including youth and addiction/recovery – overlapped with some of the church’s priority areas. Several months and meetings later, we’re pleased to be welcoming them into the building.

So when you see them, say “Hi” and welcome them into our family.