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Election Day Soup Sale

This election day, First Presby’s chefs will be renewing a long standing Columbiana tradition: Homemade Soup for sale at the polls.  We will have quarts of three types of soup – most likely a chicken soup, a bean soup and a chili.  We may also have mini-loaves or rolls of homemade bread for sale.  All soup will be takeout only.  We’ll be selling from relatively early in the morning until we run out of soup.  To preorder, send us an email.

  • Fall Sermon Series: The Beatitudes

    The blessings – found in both Matthew and Luke – provide us with both an ethic, to guide our actions, and a way of being. Between September 21 and Thanksgiving we’ll be we’ll be considering how these blessings sthepeacemakershould guide both our personal and community life.

    Sept 18 – Pure in Heart
    Sept 25 – Merciful
    Oct 2 – Peacemakers
    Oct 9 – Poor in Spirit
    Oct 16 – Poor in money
    Oct 23 – Hungry
    Oct 30 – Meek
    Nov 6 – Mourn/Weep
    Nov 13 – Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness
    Nov 20 – Persecuted

  • Mission Study 2016-2017

    mission-study-road-signAt their September meeting, the Session of First Presby called the congregation into an intense period of prayer and discernment with the goal of producing a five-year plan for the spiritual, missional and financial  health of the congregation. Through a series of congregational meetings and discussions over the next six months, we will review changes in our congregation and our community.  We will also prayerfully consider how we are ministering to those inside our walls, how we are impacting our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we might grow as a congregation.

    The first Mission Study meeting will be on October 18th at 7:00 pm. We will hold the same meeting on October 19th at 10:00 am.  All participants in the congregation – members and non-members alike – are encouraged to attend.