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Community Bible Study

pledging handsUsually when we study the Bible, the conversation revolves around the presentation by an expert.  It might be a book, it might be the pastor, it might be a leader who has extensively prepared and studies the passage.  The expert presents a way to interpret the scripture and others respond.

The Community Bible Study is an expert free zone.  Using a process called mutual invitation, participants in the Bible study share how they are experiencing the Holy Spirit in the chosen passage.  Nobody explains the passage.  Nobody declares one person’s experience more valid than another.  Everyone is heard and every voice is equally important.

We meet Thursdays at 2:30 in the church.  Kids are welcome to accompany their parents.  If this interests you and you can’t meet on Thursday afternoons, contact the church and we might just launch a new time.

  • Nonviolence & Just War – a conversation

    Join Pastor Fritz and Rev. Jason Harsh from Zion Hill Church of the Brethren for a respectful and open minded conversation about one of Christianity’s oldest theological struggles.  Thursday, September 29, 7:00 pm at Generations Coffee House faith-and-culture-flierin Columbiana.  The event is free.  Full coffee menu will be available for purchase.

  • Fall Sermon Series: The Beatitudes

    The blessings – found in both Matthew and Luke – provide us with both an ethic, to guide our actions, and a way of being. Between September 21 and Thanksgiving we’ll be we’ll be considering how these blessings sthepeacemakershould guide both our personal and community life.

    Sept 18 – Pure in Heart
    Sept 25 – Merciful
    Oct 2 – Peacemakers
    Oct 9 – Poor in Spirit
    Oct 16 – Poor in money
    Oct 23 – Hungry
    Oct 30 – Meek
    Nov 6 – Mourn/Weep
    Nov 13 – Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness
    Nov 20 – Persecuted