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First Presbyterian of Columbiana is a small town community of faith who seek to worship and serve God together as a church family. We welcome all people; regardless of ethnicity, financial standing, age, gender, perspective and personality. 

Latest Happenings

Pastor’s Winter/Spring Bible Study

Pastor’s Winter/Spring Bible Study

Pastor’s Winter/Spring Bible Study

February 3 @ 11:00 am

Pastor’s Bible Study

Westminster: What is it?  What’s in it? Why does it matter?

Wednesdays, 11:00 am, Starting February 3.  5 Sessions via zoom meeting.

In the 1640’s, in the midst of immense religious and political turmoil, the British Parliament appointed a committee to write a new, uniform standard of belief for the still evolving Church of England.  Completed in 1647, this Westminster Confession would prove foundational to American Christianity and be the sole standard of belief for American Presbyterians until 1967.  Over five sessions we’ll explore the origins of the Confession, what it confesses and its impact.

COVID & Worship

COVID & Worship

COVID and Worship
Both the East Palestine and Columbiana churches have moved toward a hybrid online/in person worship. Both sanctuaries will be open for worship at the normal times (9:00 Columbiana, 11:00 East Palestine). We will also be hosting Zoom worship at the same time, with Zoom participants able to see, hear and at times participate in the service. Please do not attend worship if you are worried, afraid, or at high risk of a serious COVID infection. And if you do attend worship, please be sure to mask and socially distance.

Permanent Zoom links for all worship services (East Palestine & Columbiana)
Meeting ID: 925 172 9268
Web link:
Phone in: 929 436 2866 (at prompt: 925 172 9268#)

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Need help figuring Zoom out? Contact Pastor Fritz for a training session.
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